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The Goggle Three is the largest goggle in our collection, delivering super-wide vision and quick magnetic lens change

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Goggle Three: Precise spherical performance

With our new Goggle Three you get everything in one package: a huge field of view, ultra-easy lens exchange and a bonus bad weather lens for changing light conditions.

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The Goggle Three is now the largest goggle in our collection, delivering super-wide vision from pipe to park and beyond. The oversized spherical two-layer lens mimics the curvature of the human eye for distortion-free peripheral and horizontal vision. See more what is above, below and next to you. 

Winter 2019 Goggle Three from TSG. Ski Goggle and blue sky

The spherical lens offers great peripheral vision.

The anti-fog inner lens uses a water absorbing micro-etched surface to absorb moisture and spread it over a wide area to minimise fogging. 

The outer lens comes with an anti-scratch hard coating that acts as a protective layer, making the lens more durable and safer. 


Powered with magnets

Powered by magnets, the Goggle Three allows you to swap your lens quickly when the light conditions change. Eight self-aligning rare earth magnets embedded in the lens and frame provide riders with a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention. 

Changing the magnetic lens of a ski goggle

Easily adapt to changing light conditions thanks to our magnetic quick lens change tech.

Changing the magnetic lens of a ski goggle

Swap your lens quickly

Goggle Three comes with two lenses. The pre-installed green chrome lens ist perfect for sunny and good view conditions. The brown base colour together with the green chrome mirror block a high amount of blue light to heighten the contrast while preserving color balance.

The yellow bonus lens is your choice for cloudy, low-light and heavy-snow conditions. It filters the blue light for a sharper focus and generally brightens the visibility. 

With our hassle-free magnetic lens-changing system you can quickly swop lenses and keep up with changing light conditions. 


Goggle Three fits

The goggle’s triple-layer, fleece-backed foam is both comfortable and wicks away sweat. The Goggle Three is compatible with all adult-sized helmet models, so you don’t have to compromise on safety while scoring surround vision. See all features of Goggle Three below.

TSG Goggle Three Features

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