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Read here the real stories of TSG customers that crashed but luckily were protected by a TSG helmet or TSG protective gear. You can also turn in your real story.  If your entry qualifies you will be rewarded with a 30% discount voucher for a new equivalent TSG product.  Offer only valid for European customers in countries, we ship to.

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Huge crash at Winterberg

Matt had a huge crash at Winterberg and his TSG helmet and pads saved him from serious injury.

Young Rippers Need Full Face Protection Too!

Philip Metzler's story

Philipp went over the bars and onto his face but luckily he was wearing his TSG helmet.

TSG saved my life

Read Christian's story

I fell of the board at 60 kph

Read Joel's story

Missed the Bars whilst Barspinning

Read Roland's Story

One good smack on the ground

Read Blair's story

I fell backwards onto my head

Read Jori's story

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TSG saved my life